What To Do With Your Old Clothes

In my last post I brought up the fact that only around 15% of all textiles are recycled. That means that 85% or 26,000,000,000 lbs. of textiles are thrown away every single year. In this article you will learn about some organizations that recycle clothes as well as other things that can be done with old or unwanted clothing.

Shop Consciously

The first thing to do is to shop consciously. Shopping consciously helps you lessen the likely hood of having unwanted clothing. To do this simply think about the reason you are buying clothes. Take for example homecoming.  If someone were shopping for homecoming why would they buy a dress that will never see the light of day again once that night is over. It probably would make more sense if they simply rented a dress. However every year retail sees an uptick in sales every year around late September and early October.  By shopping consciously we can eliminate having unused clothing in our closets and drawers. Shopping consciously involves asking your self a series of questions. Can I buy this from a thrift store? Can I rent or borrow this instead?   What will I do with this after I've worn it? How often will I actually wear it? 

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Donate or gift 

While shopping consciously will save you in the future you may have a pile of clothing sitting on your bedroom floor right now. If that is the position you are in. Donating or gifting your clothes are great options to get rid of those unwanted articles of clothes. If you have clothes that are in good condition consider taking them to you local clothing bank like good will or salvation army. The process of donating clothing is super easy drop off to a drop off location or give your local clothing bank a call many of them will actually pick up the clothing from your house. If donating is not really your style you can also gift your clothing to friends and family. A simple way to let your friends or family know you are giving away clothing is to post a picture of the clothing on your Facebook and Instagram with a description that lets them know what the item is and how they can get it from you. While on Instagram be sure to follow @essentialcareco 


If you have some clothes you want to get rid of but you want to get back some of the money you paid for the items reselling them is the way to go.  There are many ways to sell your clothing online and in person.  In person going to stores like Plato`s closet or Buffalo Exchange if you don't have any of these in your area a quick search for consignment stores will give you an example of what arounds your area. If you want to go the online route and sell your clothes from the comfort of your own home sites and apps like posh mark and thredup and ebay are easy to set up and allow you to collect money from selling your old clothes. 


If none of the above options check all of your boxes then the best option for you is to recycle your clothing. While textile recycling is not perfect and the to reselling or donating are much more preferred methods there are options to recycling your clothing. 

The Bra Recyclers: A for profit organization. Created to provide substantial social benefits to women and girls escaping domestic violence, drug addiction, human trafficking and breast cancer survivors. 

Council for Textile Recycling: A nonprofit organization dedicated to raising public awareness about the importance of textile recycling. They have drop of locations all over the world.

Soles For Shoes: Soles4Souls creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world. They have many drop of locations and can except extremely large quantities from shoe drives. 

The most important thing is to remembers that by doing even 1 of these suggestion you are contributing to the solution.     


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