Save your wallet, the world and your health

Buying water bottles isn't the best thing to do for your wallet, the world or your health. In 2008 Americans drank 9 billion gallons of bottled water. That works out to 30 gallons per person and some serious dough for the water bottle industry.The price mark up on water bottles can easily exceed 1000 percent. To put it in perspective is located in California where the price of tap water per gallon is one tenth of a cent(.001) and the price of a gallon of bottled water is .90 cent. Making it 900 times more expensive to buy bottled water. That gives this 11.7 billion dollar industry 11 billion reasons to discourage the drinking of tap water.  As stated by Susan D Wellington of Quaker Oats, the maker of Gatorade, "the biggest enemy is tap water. When we are done it will be relegated to irrigation and washing dishes."

Only around 30% of all water bottles are recycled each year. So over 18 billion bottles end up leaching harmful chemicals into our water, soil and food polluting our streets and filling our landfills for over 700 years.

The change of perception of tap water is one huge reason that the water bottle industry has seen such huge success. According to a 2009 gallop poll 84% of Americans are concerned about the pollution of drinking water. However most of these concerns are unfounded and problem promoted by the companies that stand to benefit the most from people being fearful of the safety of tap water. 25-30 percent of all bottled water comes from the same source as tap water.  Most of theses waters still contain fluoride, arsenic and sometimes mercury. Using a filter and stainless steel water bottle we can become super heroes saving or wallets, our world and our health.

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