Do Not Trash Your Used Shoes: Donate Them Instead

Soles 4 souls is a non profit organization whose mission to is provide people who normally would not have access to jobs with the opportunity to generate income by selling shoes in their community. They collect shoes and clothing via donations. They distribute the donated shoes and clothing to over 100 different countries providing members of their micro enterprise program with merchandise to sell. The organization is built around the belief that entrepreneurship is a long term strategy to disrupt poverty. 

Soles 4 souls was started by Wayne Elsey in 2006. Wayne knows his way around a shoe. He started of as a stock boy at the local shoe store at age 15 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. By age 20 he landed a position at stride rite. By 25 he was the company's youngest vice president. In 2004 inspired by seeing a washed shoe on the news after the Sumatra tsunami he decided to use his connections in the shoe industry to donate over 250,000 pairs of shoes to the victims of the tsunami. In 2006 he decided to go all in and create soles 4 souls. Since its inceptions the organization has collected and distributed over 30 million pairs of shoes to disaster relief and to members of their micro enterprise program. 

The members of the micro enterprise program are people from developing nation who want to start their own small businesses in order to generate income for their families. These small business owners receive their shoes on credit and donates 1 dollar per pair sold to soles4souls.  

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